This morning my Ministry Assistant, Sally
Broskay (who is really the one who manages the Adopt-A-Cop Ministry and chapter requests)  informed me that we now have over 100 Adopt-A-Cop Chapters.  PRAISE THE LORD. 

The new chapter that put us over the century mark is in Kenai, Alaska.  The chapter coordinator is Chaplain Paul Cushman who is the investigation sergeant for the Kenai Police Department.  God obviously has his hand upon this ministry effort.  And as most of you know, our nation and our individual law enforcement agencies and police departments need our prayers of intercession on their behalf.  

There have been over 122 Line of Duty Deaths so far in 2017.  SIXTEEN of those in my home state of Texas.  Imagine, 122 families will be facing this holiday season without their loved one. 

Let me encourage you to be faithful in your prayers for your police officers, especially during this holiday season.  If you would like some custom Adopt-A-Cop cards or a challenge coin, you may purchase them from our website store. Just click on the resource link on top of the Adopt-A-Cop home page. 

I pray you have a Christ-filled Christmas celebration and Happy New Year. 
Let's commit to pray together that the line of duty deaths will DECREASE in 2018.

Honored to Serve,
Chaplain Clif Cummings