129 - One hundred twenty-nine

This is the number of line of duty deaths in 2015. Often times we hear so much information that include "numbers" that  we may think "well, that's just another number".  You know what I mean. We hear about "unemployment numbers", "employment numbers", "number of homeless", "number of voters", "number of ____________ (fill in the blank)".  
We MUST remember that when it comes to tracking LODD (line of duty death) numbers, EVERY number is so much more than just a statistic. The number, whether it is 1 or 129, represents a person, a family, a department, another hero whose life was ended while serving to protect ours. 

2 - Two

One of the benefits of a New Year is that we get to "begin again".  We get to "clear the stats" and start over. However, as of today, (January 18) there has already been TWO line of duty deaths. If you do not already have the ODMP (Officer Down Memorial Page) app downloaded on your phone, let me encourage you to do so NOW.  

The ODMP does a wonderful job of making sure every number has a name, a face, a family and a department attached to it.  

Encourage your LEO 

Let me remind you of the power of a handwritten note. Our world is full of instant and electronic attempts to reach others .  Most if not all email inboxes are cluttered with unread messages and overlooked communication. The rare handwritten note imparts great value to the recipient because you simply took the time to write a personal word, address the envelope and mail it!   

Clif's Closing Words:

Many of you may have may submitted an email on the  Adopt-a-Cop website requesting to become a prayer partner, submitting a prayer request or even seeking to become an adopt-a-cop chapter coordinator.  The website has been under some "retooling" which should be completed soon and hopefully all of our inbox items will be cleared. 
A fabulous new module on the website will be the ability of local adopt-a-cop chapter coordinators to match prayer partners with local police officers who desire to be be a part of the adopt-a-cop ministry. This module should be ready to launch by February 01. 
Finally, let me encourage you to follow us of Facebook and Twitter and encourage all of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to do the same.
Honored to Serve,
Chaplain Clif