Adopt-A-Cop Prayer PartnerS,

2015 has been an amazing year of growth for Adopt-A-Cop Prayer Protection Ministries. The launching of our new website has helped escalate this ministry to a whole new level.  Currently we have records of 37 Adopt-A-Cop Chapters that span across 21 states.  We have received requests from law enforcement officers stretching from California to Florida and prayer partners signing up to participate from Oregon to Rhode Island!  
Also, a new national Adopt-A-Cop challenge coin was minted. Over the past few months, our office has mailed a challenge coin on behalf of the Adopt-A-Cop prayer partners to every law enforcement department that has experienced a line of duty death. I have received numerous notes of gratitude from the department chiefs expressing their appreciation for the coin and accompanying prayer card.
If you would like a challenge coin to use as a reminder to pray for the law enforcement officers OR as one to give to a law enforcement officer, they are available for a small contribution to Adopt-A-Cop Prayer Protection Ministries.  You may contact my office at for more information. 
Hopefully with continued improvements to the website, the number of local Adopt-A-Cop chapters, coordinators, involvement of aw enforcement departments and individual prayer partners will continue to increase in 2016.

"If you could be a Christmas gift...?"

Recently a local school teacher here in Sugar Land asked her class to do this assignment.  She said: "if you were a gift, what would you be."  A son of an officer who is involved in our local Adopt-A-Cop prayer protection ministry wrote this:
"If I were to guess I would be a bulletproof vest for policemen. ... It will make them feel safe and it will protect them from bullets and from anything else that will harm them."
I encourage you to click on this link to see and hear the whole story!. 

Please Remember LODD Families this Christmas

According to the Officer Down Memorial website, to date 118 law enforcementofficers have died in the line of duty in 2015.  That means there will be at least 118 families experiencing their first Christmas without a beloved member of their family.  As you celebrate the holidays, please take a moment to pray for these families AND for all the law enforcement officers who will be on duty during the Christmas holidays. 

 A New Year Full of Opportunities

Many of us will be making New Year's resolutions! Some of our resolutions may be the same as they were last year. For example - to lose weight, become more healthy, spend more time with family, etc. 
As we look to the new year, may I encourage you to join me in "stepping up our game" in the area of prayer.  
Recently, I have been reading the classic works of E.M. Bounds on prayer.  One of the chapters is entitled Putting God to Work. Bounds writes: "When we say that prayer puts God to work, it is simply to say that man has it in his power to move God to work in His own way among men, in which way He would not work if prayer was not made.  Thus while prayer moves God to work, at the same time God puts prayer to work.  As God has ordained prayer, and as prayer has no existence separate from men, but involves men, then logically prayer is the one force which puts God to work in earth's affairs through men and their prayers." 
Join me in 2016 putting God to work on behalf of our nation and the law enforcement officers who serve to protect us each and every day.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Honored to Serve,
Chaplain Clif Cummings