The month of July 2016 was not an easy one for the "family in blue" across our nation. 
There were TWENTY Line of Duty Deaths in July.  THIRTEEN by gunfire.
FIVE in Dallas, TX
THREE in Baton Rouge, LA
TWO in  St. Joseph, MI.
ONE in Kansas City, KS
ONE in Fort Worth, TX
ONE in San Diego, CA 
The Officer Down Memorial Page lists the names of ALL 70 Line of Duty Deaths to date in 2016 including 33 by gunfire! 
In the wake of every line of of duty death, there is a family, a department  and a community that is left behind to deal with the pain and the suffering.
Personally, I am glad the month of July has come to an end.

Is this the beginning of a war on cops ?

I honestly do not have an answer to that question.  I have my suspicions and my own opinions. I hear the same news stories from the mass media that most of you do and have come to believe that they are more concerned with increased market ratings and making money rather than reporting the news.

HOWEVER - I do believe that if we are entering into a "war on cops" that we had better build a mighty army of prayer warriors to intercede on their behalf and that it can be the beginning of REVIVAL acrosss our nation. 
The Adopt-A-Cop Prayer Program has been receiving multiple requests via phone calls and emails daily asking "how do I start a program in my community for my department?"  We now have Adopt-A-Cop Chapters spread across the nation, including Hawaii and even in Jamaica.
Churches and/or Chaplains, if you would like to start an Adopt-A-Cop Chapter in your community, the information needed to begin an Adopt-A-Cop Chapter can be found on our website under the"get involved" tab on top of the homepage.  If you simply want to "adopt" a law enforcement officer you already know and begin praying for them, you can become involved here.  You can make a donation to help enhance the website and broaden the reach of this ministry by clicking on the donations button on the top of the page.  
As I wrote last month, I am convinced that "for such a time as this"  God has sovereignly allowed the Adopt-A-Cop program to be founded.   To all who are invovled - Thank you! To those who are considering becoming involved  - now is the time! 
Honored to Serve,
Chaplain Clif