The events of the past few weeks are unprecedented in the life of our nation.  The assault and killing of FIVE police officers in Dallas and THREE police officers in Baton Rouge, though unimaginable a few years ago, is now a part of our reality.   I previously wrote in another blog that numbers matter.  We MUST remember that when it comes to LODD (line of duty death) numbers, EVERY number is so much more than just a statistic. The number, whether it is 1 or 3 or 5 or 66 (the number of line of duty deaths to date in 2016) , represents a person, a family, a department, another hero whose life was ended while serving to protect ours.

Just this past week my wife and I attended the International Conference of Police Chaplains Annual Training Seminar in Albuquerque, NM.  I had the privilege of teaching a class on "The Role of Prayer in a Chaplain's Ministry."  It was an opportunity to explain and promote the Adopt-A-Cop ministry.  As you can imagine, there was tremendous interest. Since returning home, I have received mulitple phone calls daily from chaplains, pastors, and concerned citizens from across the country asking how to begin an Adopt-A-Cop chapter in their community. 

I firmly believe that it is for "such a time as this" in the life of our nation that Adopt-A-Cop was birthed in the heart of Chaplain Sgt. Ken Rochell of Michigan State Police in 1998 

Many if not most of those who are reading this share with me a genuine and sincere concern in the direction our nation seems to be going.  May I dare say that PRAYER is our primary weapon! God's heart is tuned in to the prayers of His people and His hand is turned by their steadfast intercession (reference the Parable of the Persistent Widow in Luke 18).

I encourage each of you to remain faithful in praying for your Adopt-A-Cop law enforecment officer.  Also, to help spread the word about Adopt-A-Cop.ORG not only by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter but also by establishing a local Adopt-A-Cop chapter in your community. 

Honored to Serve,
Chaplain Clif Cummings