Fall is my favorite season of the year
Cooler temperatures (with an exception for those of us who live in the Houston, TX area!). Football.  Hunting and HOLIDAYS!
The “holiday season” seems to creep into our calendar earlier every year.  We barely begin the month of September before we begin seeing Christmas decorations hitting the shelves at the local Wal-Mart or Home Depot.  
Many of us would like to believe that during the holidays we can “turn a blind eye, become deaf and not speak” of the evil that exist in our cities.  Yet, you and I both know that EVIL TAKES NO HOLIDAY.


Because of this, I want to take the opportunity NOW to remind you that as we make preparations to celebrate these special days with our family and friends, there will be many men and women in our communities who will be on duty to serve and protect on during this and every holiday season. They are adjusting and rescheduling their holiday celebrations with family and friends because they will be on patrol, at the fire station, or in the 911 dispatch call center – ready to serve and protect YOU! They will report for their shift on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

In the midst of your holiday planning, would you consider thinking of ways you can demonstrate a sincere sense of gratitude for these men and women? 

  • Send a holiday card honestly thanking them for serving on THANKSgiving
  • Send a Christmas card letting them know that you know they are away from their family as you celebrate with yours on that day.
  • Bake some holiday cookies and take them by your local police department.
  • If you are out and about and see an officer – stop and say THANK YOU for serving, especially on today!

Every officer I know has the same goal that you and I do – to be able to return safely to their family at the end of their work day. ESPECIALLY during the holidays.

Honored to Serve,

Chaplain Clif Cummings