History of Adopt-a-Cop

Adopt-a-Cop was initiated by Chaplain Sgt. Ken Rochell of Michigan State Police in 1998.  Ken began this ministry to serve as a bridge between local churches and their local law enforcement agencies.  Ken serves as a Michigan State Police Recruiter.

A personal note from Kenneth L. Rochell:

As a police officer, I know the importance of back up.  Nothing is more comforting than hearing the sounds of a distant siren coming to help you regardless of the color of your uniform or the department you work for.

As a Christian officer, I also know the importance of prayer.  I feel it has been the prayers of my family and friends that have kept me safe not only physically but emotionally.  Those prayers have also given me a heart for the people I have sworn to protect and serve.

It is comforting to know that I have people who are praying for me and my family every day I go out on the road.

God Bless and many thanks,

Kenneth L. Rochell
Michigan State Police

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Adopt-A-Cop is growing rapidly. It is amazing to see God at work.
This ministry is now represented in 36 states.
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